Friday, August 26, 2016

Solar. Space & Geomagnetic Weather, part II

by Stephanie Osborn

And part II of the Solar, Space & Geomagnetic Weather series has gone up on Sarah Hoyt's According to Hoyt blog, right here:

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The Weather Out There Is Frightful: Solar/Space Weather and What It Means to the Earth and You

Our Sun is an active star. It may even be a variable star. Sunspots, flares, coronal mass ejections, all are signs of its activity. What kind of effect does it have on Earth? Other than the occasional sunburn, could it be dangerous? Has it been dangerous in the past? What can we expect in the near future?

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Noted Author Stephanie Osborn (Creator of the Displaced Detective series) presents the first book in her Sherlock Holmes, Gentleman Aegis series – Sherlock Holmes and the Mummy’s Curse, the debut volume of Pro Se Productions’ Holmes Apocrypha imprint.

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~Stephanie Osborn


Stephanie Osborn said...

Okay, I got a question over on According To Hoyt, and for some reason, WordPress is choking on the numbers in my answer, so I am going to post here and link it over there.

Stephanie Osborn said...

Donald Campbell's question was:
"What is the sense of ‘speed’ between solar wind, flares and CMEs? Light is 8 1/3 minutes, and CMEs being a plasma are certainly slower. Are flares speed of light?"

Stephanie Osborn said...

My answer is:

Solar flares pretty much effect us via x-rays, so yes, speed of light.

Which puts speeds at:

Solar flares: 300,000,000m/s (300,000km/s) (671,000,000mph)
Solar wind: 400,000-750,000m/s (400-750km/s) (895,000-1,680,000mph)
CMEs: 20,000-3,200,000m/s (20-3,200km/s) (45,000-7,158,000mph)

The reason for the huge variation on CME speeds is because, if a CME has been through very recently, it will have cleared out the interplanetary medium, resulting in highly-decreased resistance, and the subsequent CME will not be slowed down. (Think of it as interplanetary terminal velocity. If the "atmosphere" isn't there because it's been swept aside, the falling object will go much faster.) This is, in fact, what happened during the Carrington event: two very large CMEs were emitted within a couple days of each other, and the second one blasted through and slammed into Earth before the effects of the first even had time to completely die down.

Donald Campbell said...

Stephanie, Thanks! I could work with the text numbers, but somehow 0s and ,s are much easier to compare.

Stephanie Osborn said...

You're welcome, Donald! I'm sorry I couldn't figure out how to post it over on the WordPress site.

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