Friday, February 27, 2009

The Write Pack!

Look out for us! No, not The Rat Pack, Vegas heyday group of megastars who frequented the clubs there. We're The Write Pack, a group of science fiction and fantasy authors from various publishing houses who promote our books at many of the same SF conventions around the Southeast. We've come to be friends, advisors, mentors, helpers, and co-networkers, and we enjoy each others' company so we hang out together.

It's nothing formal, just a loose-knit group of good friends who share a common passion/profession and run into each other fairly often. I fully expect the roster to change over time, but for now, The Write Pack includes:

Allan Gilbreath
Les Johnson
J.F. Lewis
myself, Stephanie Osborn
Bill Snodgrass
Travis "Doc" Taylor

Coming soon to a science fiction convention near you!

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