Saturday, September 10, 2016

Solar, Space, & Geomag Weather part IV and Other Stuff

by Stephanie Osborn

As I sit and sip my cafe au lait made from Cafe du Monde's signature chicory blend, I must note that I've been recalcitrant in posting lately. Sorry about that; I can only plead that I have been in the depths of a writing jag, and turning out word counts that are both consistent and high. I also totally hosed my reckoning of days of the week for this past week, thanks to the fact that Monday was a holiday.

So I am very late on this post. Please forgive me.

The latest installment of the Solar, Space, and Geomagnetic Weather series went up on Sarah Hoyt's blog, According to Hoyt, on schedule on Thursday. It's here:

An announcement of my title, Sherlock Holmes and the Mummy's Curse, having won the Silver Falchion Award went up on Wednesday's Mad Genius Club, here:

To purchase a copy in print or ebook, go here:

I'm still answering comments on both blogs, so feel free to pop over to either of those, or both, or leave comments here.

In addition, solar activity has been fairly quiet, this week-and-a-half into September that we are. Sunspots have been seen throughout, but they are somewhat sporadic and all clustered in the equatorial regions (as would be expected at this point in the solar cycle). There have been a few flares, but nothing of great significance, and no coronal mass ejections have been produced, though there was a "prominence eruption" on the 6th. A few coronal holes have generated enhanced solar wind streams that have produced minor to moderate geogmagnetic storming, and some high-latitude auroras.

And that's it. There really hasn't been any solar/space weather news of significance so far this month. Things remain quiet, but not unusually so, in the solar mechanisms.

Other items:

Happy 50th birthday to Star Trek!

Condolences to SpaceX on the loss of their craft on the 1st.

We finally found the remains of the Philae comet lander:

And that's about all I know, folks.

-Stephanie Osborn

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