Monday, April 22, 2013

Hey there

by Stephanie Osborn

April has shaped up to be a VERY busy month for me! "It's Elementary!" Month has seen me speaking at the Gathering of Southern Sherlockians at the historic Read House Hotel in downtown Chattanooga TN, where I spoke on the research I did into the Victorian era for my Displaced Detective novels, as well as a sneak peek reading of an excerpt from a new steampunk novel that's not out yet. It's also seen me the busiest panelist at 221bCon, which was described as a "paradigm shift" in Sherlockian fandom! Yet to come are a couple of talks at the Huntsville-Madison County Alabama Public Libraries. It seems that they are reading Conan Doyle's The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes this month, and want me to come in and discuss my views of Holmes and the research I did for my books as well!

In fact, I'm staying SO busy that I haven't had a chance to throw down some cool new blog posts. I'm sorry about that. I'll try to do better in future, but every blog post written is less energy/creative spur to write a chapter of a new book. No, the well isn't infinite in depth, I'm afraid. One of my best buds, Travis S. Taylor, well - I swear the man is really The Flash in disguise. I honestly don't know how he does all he does! He seems to have boundless energy. I don't. I love to write, and when the words are flowing, I will lose all track of time. I will push and push to get to the end (or rather, the middle, because I don't write in sequence, but rather like movies are filmed). But when I'm done, I'm wiped. It'll be time for a break, in order to generate enough energy to write the NEXT book. Even Travis has told me it's normal for that to happen, and he occasionally emails or texts me with word that he's letting the steam and smoke out of his computer (aka taking a break)!

So, since it IS "It's Elementary!" Month for me AND the local public libraries, next week I'll put up some Displaced Detective excerpts!

-Stephanie Osborn